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"Starting Over"
 by Eleanor Tylbor
A continuing chapter-fiction story focusing on the trials and tribulations of Sheila, once married to a loser, who attempts to re-start her life. Here are the first 5 chapters  from the Starting Over Blog.

Dating and Relationships
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Romancing The Blog | Straight Talk On Relationships
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Online Dating
Tips for Surviving a Slump
Team Dating: The Latest Craze

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Decoding Her Signals
Real-life Dates from Hell

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What They Never Told You About Online Dating

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Men, Women, & Sex
Second Chances
7 Scorching Winter Dates

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What is Love?
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Featured Relationship Articles
by Patricia Fason
How to Break Up - Do's, Don'ts, and Should You? Romantic Resolutions For The New Year
How To Succeed With Women - The Nice Guy Vs. The Jerk
I've talked to many men who claim that being a nice guy just doesn't work with women.  MORE
Tips For A Successful First Date
A first date can be stressful. Here are a few tips that I hope will help you through it so you can just relax and have fun.   MORE
Conflict in Relationships - Quit Fighting Dirty
Do you argue constructively or do you fight dirty?  MORE
How to Improve Intimacy
Both sexes need intimacy in both of it's forms to have a solid relationship.     MORE
Jealousy, most of us feel it at some time or other. Some people experience it more strongly than others.    MORE
Conquering Boredom
Sex has become routine and your relationship is in a rut. What do you do to revive the relationship before it stagnates and falls apart?     MORE
10 Ways to Prevent a Break Up
The question I am asked most often is: I think he/she is getting ready to leave me. What do I do?    MORE
10 Ways to Survive a Break Up
Break ups are never easy. You are a bundle of jealous, hurt, angry, resentful emotions.   MORE
10 Ways to Seduce A Woman
Tips for men looking for ways to succeed with women.     MORE
Chocolate - An Aphrodisiac or Better Than Sex?
Curiosity led me to do some research on the subject and here is what I found.    MORE
Romantic Gifts – 10 Sizzling Ways to Give Them
When it comes to giving a romantic gift, it’s not just what you give, but how you give it. MORE
10 Ways to Put Sizzle Back in Your Relationship
Keeping the sizzle alive in a relationship takes a little work.    MORE
True Story - An Internet Romance Brought to Life
Beyond the Happy Ending

Girls grow up believing they will find their prince and live happily ever after. What happens when reality meets fairytale? This series of articles address these issues.

Part 1 - The Nothing Syndrome
Part 2 - The Not-The-Same Syndrome
Part 3 - The Jealousy Syndrome

Wedding / Anniversary

Wedding Customs and Traditions
Beautiful Bridal Hair
How To Look Great On Your Wedding Day