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Romantic Resolutions For The New Year

Romantic Resolutions For The New Year

by Patricia Fason

When making your New Year resolutions, don't forget to include one that will benefit your relationship. While we are always coming up with resolutions to improve ourselves, we tend to ignore things that can improve the quality of our lives. Building a strong bond with your partner, the person with whom you hope to share the rest of your life with, can be one of the best things you will ever do for yourself. Here are a few suggestions:

I'll make more of an effort to listen to my partner.

I'll devote one night a week to just the two of us.

I'll change my bad habit (i.e. jealousy, controlling, argumentative, distant) into a good one.

I'll tell my partner 'I Love You' at least once a day.

I'll make every effort to not lie to my partner.

If I'm tempted to stray, I'll remind myself of what I will lose if I'm caught, and the damage that will be done even if I'm not.

When I'm angry, I'll take a minute to put myself in his/her shoes before erupting.

The next time my partner is in a bad mood, I'll make every effort to not let him/her upset me and will instead try to take the time to find out why he/she is in that mood and attempt to make him/her feel better.

I'll think of one thing about my relationship I don't like and instead of blaming my partner for the problem, I'll try to come up with constructive ways to make things better.

I'll try not to take my partner for granted and will try to spend one minute each day thinking of what I wouldn't have if he/she wasn't in my life.

I will learn / try / buy one new thing in/for the bedroom that I know my partner will like.

I will go into the year determined that it will be the best year of my life. (Do this one every year)

ęPatricia Fason

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